Contact wheel 

 50x50mm (aluminum) with bearing; hole:12mm


-- 15€; 18,75€(with VAT)

code: KR101

Tracking wheel   50x50mm (aluminum) with bearing; hole:12mm


-- 20€; 25€(with VAT)

code: TR101

Aluminum drive wheel


100x50 -- 31€; 38,75€(with VAT)

code: AR102s


100x60 -- 39€; 48,75€(with VAT)

code: AR102

Alu pulley

-three-stage 50,75,100mm 

-hole and keyway by choice


-- 39€; 48,75€(with VAT)

code: AK101

Drive wheel for angle grinder

-alu; 65x50mm; M14x2


-- 25€; 31,25€(with VAT)

code: AR103

Big wheel



-- 20€; 25€(with VAT)

code: GR101

Holder for wheels


-for Meli und Noni grinders


-- 30€; 37,50€(with VAT)

code: TG101

Holder for wheels

-stainless steel; 35x35x450mm

-for Cile grinders


-- 15€; 18,75€(with VAT)

code: TG102 

Small wheels

-20,30,40mm; hole:12mm


-- 50€; 62,50€(with VAT)

code: KR234

Plate for wheels


-- 30€; 37,50€(with VAT)

code: PL101

Big plate


-for Meli and Noni grinders


-- 30€; 37,50€(with VAT)

code: PL102


-stainless steel; diameter:12mm


-- pcs: 4€; 5€(with VAT)

code: AC101